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We install and repair all types of septic drain (leach) fields.  Our team can handle any new or replacement system including:

Installation of gravelless chamber Infiltrator system
Gravelless Chamber Systems
Eljen GSF Biomatt Systems
Shallow Absorption Mounds
Pressure Mound Tile Bed Systems
Traditional Pipe & Stone Systems
Drywell Systems


To get a free written quote on your project, or for help getting started, call our Vice-President of Operations, Dean Burdick, direct at (518) 232-6707 or click here to email him, or call the office at (800) 446-6331.  Scroll down for more information on the various types of septic systems we install.


Gravelless Chamber systemsInstallation of gravelless chamber Hancor system

Gravelless leaching chambers are rapidly becoming the product of choice for leach field applications over conventional pipe and gravel systems. Their sophisticated construction offers less intrusive installations with significantly greater drainage performance and shock load capabilty.

Stone Industries is a leader in the installation of these products. We proudly carry the Hancor Arc line of drainage chambers. The Arc 18 septic leaching chamber is a sturdy, lightweight plastic unit that combines maximized infiltrative surface area and storage capacity with an improved structural design to handle most any conventional leach field system challenge without sacrificing performance.


Eljen GSF Biomatt SystemsInstallation of Elgen biomat drainage system

When your installation requires extra capacity in less space, the Eljen GSF delivers. While conventional systems rely on a single biomat forming at the soil interface, the Eljen GSF adds a second, primary biomat layer on the surface of its unique Bio-Mat Fabric.

Stone Industries is a certified installer of Eljen Biomatt and we have installed numerous Biomatt systems in a variety of applications and configurations. Due to its relatively high cost and sensitivity to high levels of grease in wastewater, these systems will only make economic sense in installations where the space restrictions or risk of damage to delicate ecosystems dictate its use.



Shallow Absorption MoundsInstallation of shallow absorption sand drainage mound

In situations where a normal gravity-fed drainage field cannot be installed in native soil due to lack of useable soil, a shallow absorption mound using imported sand and soil can be constructed.  Depending on the elevations involved, these mounds may be gravity-fed or may require the installation of a pump system.

Stone Industries has specialized in these types of systems for many years.  We only use sand and soil mixtures from the areas best suppliers and we always bring in plenty of material to make sure we exceed the engineers requirements for soil depth, perk rates, and overall performance.  For a free quote on constructing one of these fields, contact us at (518) 232-6707 or (800) 446-6331, or see our engineering page for help getting started with plans.


Pressure Mound Tile Bed SystemsView of an installed pump system for pressurized distribution

Pressure mounds are a sub-set of shallow absorption and raised mound systems.  Rather than distribute wastewater through a distribution box and 4" pipes, these systems rely on custom built pump driven pressurized 2" manifolds installed in stone beds.  The care required to install one of these properly means homeowners should take special care in selecting contractors for installation of these systems.

Stone Industries' highly experienced installation team has built and installed many of these systems.  We use only the highest quality parts and materials on these systems with components from SJ Rhombus, Hydromatic, and Hancor; and our installers take the time and care to make sure all holes are drilled and aligned properly and that manifolds are installed with appropriate amounts of rock and fill materials.  For a free quote your pressure system, contact us at (518) 232-6707 or (800) 446-6331, or see our engineering page for help getting started with plans.


Traditional Pipe & Stone SystemsPipe and stone leachfiled installation in progress

Before drainage chambers and other new technologies came along, leach fields were generally constructed using four inch perforated pipe surrounded with crushed stone.  Over the years the type of pipe has changed; these days it is generally made of PVC.  These systems have a long track record of good service and lifespan and are still favored by engineers in certain applications.

Our team is well versed in these traditional systems and we would by happy to build one for you.  For a free quote your traditional pipe and stone system, contact us at (518) 232-6707 or (800) 446-6331.


Drywell SystemsLarge drywell surrounded with crushed stone

Drywells are large pre-cast concrete cylinders with perforated sides.  They are installed with open bottoms and surrounded with a crushed stone curtain and textile covering on top.  Given the depth of usable soils needed to properly install one, they are generally shunned by engineers these days, however they are still called for in certain applications.  There are a number of them out there in service and they can sometimes be repaired or re-stoned without having to replace the entire system.  If you think you need a drywell, or need a quote on having one repaired contact us at (518) 232-6707 or (800) 446-6331.


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