Do I need to have power available?

Yes.  We need to be able to plug the trailer into a power source, either a fixed power source like a house or building, or a temporary source like a generator.  We do not rent generators at this time.

Do I need to have water available?

No.  Almost all of our trailers have 200 gallon on-board fresh water tanks and pressure pumps that can run the trailer.  If you need this option just let us know when you request a quote and we will add it to your proposal.

Who is responsible if the trailer is damaged at my event?

You will only be held responsible for damages caused by you or your guests.  If the Best Man decides to punch a hole in the Men’s room (actual case), then you will get a bill for the repairs to the trailer.  Customers are not held responsible for the actions of our staff in setting and picking up the trailers, other vendors, acts of God, or for any mechanical issues that are beyond your control.

How do I provide a wheel-chair accessible option?

There are two options if you have guests with mobility issues.  The first, less expensive option, is to add a handicapped portable toilet to go along with your restroom trailer rental.  The second option is to rent our ADA 3-station restroom trailer.

Can I have it delivered/picked up on the weekend?

Generally we deliver your restroom trailer the Thursday or Friday before your event and pick it up the Monday or Tuesday afterwards.  Weekend delivery and pickup are available although the cost of rental is a little higher if you require these options.

Do I need to be there for delivery?

Yes.  Generally you or someone representing you needs to be on-site when we deliver your restroom trailer to show us where you would like it set up.  If you are having an event at a venue we work with regularly, these locations have standard spots for the trailers and you do not have to be there.

Is there a delivery/pick up fee?

No.  Our policy is to give you a single price that covers the entire rental, weekday delivery, weekday pick-up, mileage so there is no surprise or confusion on your end about how much the rental will cost.  The only time we charge a delivery or pickup fee is if a venue requires weekend delivery and/or pickup.

Do I leave the hose plugged in?

We recommend that you leave the hose connected to the trailer once we have it set up, but you can disconnect it if you need to without any issue.