Should my septic tank be full when I open the cover?

It should be close to the top, but not coming out the lid.  You should be able to see the complete inlet or outlet pipe at, or above the liquid level, but it should be very near the top.  If the level is over the inlet or outlet pipes, then you have a drainage problem and you should call us.

Can I drive over my septic field? What about the septic tank?

Generally no.  Lawn tractors are okay, pretty much everything else is not.  If you drive a pickup with a load of wood over your drain field you risk serious damage to the system.  Please don’t drive your boat and trailer across it either.  Septic tanks should also not be driven across unless they are installed with a traffic bearing cover.

What does the little pipe sticking out my roof do?

It’s the vent pipe for your home’s plumbing.  It should keep any odors from your home.  If it gets blocked or if prevailing winds blow the smell back down around the house, call us.  There are charcoal filters available to keep odor in check.

Can I flush old medicine down the drain?

No.  Especially not antibiotics.  Antibiotics kill bacteria and septic tanks rely on bacteria to function.  Old medicines can kill your system even faster than excessive bleach.

How many loads of laundry can I do every day?

One load per day per bedroom would be a maximum limit.  Try to keep it to less and make sure you spread your laundry out over the week to avoid shock-loading your septic system.

Can you help me located my septic tank?

Sure.  If you cannot find your tank using the technique mentioned above, our technicians can probably find it for you with a probe they carry on the trucks.  If this does not work we also offer an electronic locating service with a flushable transmitter for a nominal fee.

Will a ride-on lawn mower hurt my drain field?

No.  Ride-on mowers and other garden care equipment will not harm your leach field.  You should, however, stay away from it with cars, pick-up trucks, and rubber tired heavy equipment like backhoe loaders.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes.  Please call our office to discuss your particular situation and let us create a custom proposal for you.  We currently work with many homeowner’s associations, lake associations, condominiums, and mobile home parks and would love to add your group to our list of satisfied customers.

Do you offer scheduled service or a reminder system?

We offer both.  Depending on your circumstances we can set your account up to receive service on a regular schedule with no further action required on your part, or we will call and remind you when service is due on your system and you can decide when you would like it performed.  We also send our residential customers reminder postcards to let you know when service is due.