Handicapped Accessible Toilets

Our Handicapped Accessible Toilets are a Thoughtful Addition to your Event!

To Order Handicapped Accessible Toilets or Request a Quote Call us at (800) 446-6331

Stone handicapped accessible toilets in our yard


• Wheelchair Accessible
• Very Popular with Guests at Large Events
•  Provides Convenience and Privacy For Guests


• Large Self Closing Doors
• Stainless Steel Grab Handles
• Sturdy Polyethylene Construction
• Flat Floors for Easy Access


Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Gray
Exterior: 91”(h) x 62″(w) x 62″(l)
Interior: 78″(h) x 44”(w) x 45″(l)
Door opening: 74″(h) x 32”(w)
Seat height: 19”
Weight: 240 lbs. (empty)
Capacity: 33 gallon holding tank

The interior of one of our handicapped accessible toilets


Service truck needs access to drop off, service, and pick up your Toilets.  Other than this, they are completely self- contained and can be set up almost anywhere.

These units are not recommended for inside use.