Exterior of Stone ADA 3-station restroom trailer
Toilet inside ADA stall

ADA 3-Station Restroom

The HC-3 is beautifully designed, with both ADA and two unisex stalls. You will be completely amazed at how easy it is to access.  The air-ride suspension system lowers the trailer gently to the ground where your guests will have a short step, or use a slight-angled ramp to access the beautifully appointed, air conditioned stalls.

Inside, bright LED lights reveal a comfortable bathroom, complete with a sink, mirror and vacuum flush ceramic toilet.  The vacuum flush system has many benefits over a standard flushing system. A vacuum flush system hides and quickly removes the waste, while at the same time drawing 20 air from the room. This added ventilation helps keep everything smelling fresh.

Features and Specifications:

• Two Unisex bathrooms feature vanity, sink & mirror with single step up.

• ADA bathroom features ramp entry with room for wheelchair inside

• All Bathrooms feature paper towel and soap dispensers and garbage cans

• 105-gallon pressurized fresh water system

• 300-gallon internal holding tank

• 6 gallon hot water tank

• Cold weather capable to zero degrees Fahrenheit

• Interior space approximately 18’ x 6’

• Exterior Footprint w/Ramp down approximately 24′ x 19′

• Best for events up to 200 guests with hose connection (750 uses)

• Best for events up to 125 guests using onboard water tank (325 uses)

Layout of ADA 3-station Restroom Trailer
View of stall in restroom trailer


(1) Water hookup (Garden hose connection, optional not required

(2) 20 Amp 120 Volt electrical hookups with regular household plugs

Flat section of asphalt or grass to set trailer up, this trailer does not sit well in rolling or uneven locations

*Unit has on-board fresh water system and can be paired with a generator for complete stand-alone service

**Winter operation requires (3) 20 Amp electrical circuits