Rows of septic drainage chambers

Septic System Problems? We Have the Answers!

Free Estimates and Analysis On All Septic System Repairs and Replacement Systems.

For help with a septic system installation or repair, call our Vice-President of Operations, Dean Burdick, direct at (518) 232-6707 or call the office at (800) 446-6331.

Stone Industries offers a full range of septic system repairs and installation of both new and replacement septic systems.  Our fully-trained and highly capable staff can handle any type of project.

Sand filter system being installed

• All  Types of Leach Fields & Drainage Systems
• Septic Tank Replacement, Concrete, & Plastic
• Commercial Grease Trap Installation & Repair
• Sewer System Hookups
• Shallow Absorption System Installation
• Pressure Mound System Installation
• Eljen GSF Biomatt Installation
• Aerobic System Installation
• Line & Baffle Replacements
• Septic Tank Filter Installation
• Pump Tank Installation & Pump Replacement
• Riser Cover Installation

Need help finding an engineer for your project or getting the proper permits issued?  We work with the best local engineers and will be more than happy to handle all your permit application work for you.

Eljen biomat system being installed by two machines